A Peek Inside Silent Siren Barbara La Marr's Whitley Heights Home


Miss La Marr

In 1923, film star Barbara La Marr was the reigning queen of the silent screen.  She was also in the market for a new home, and in the early 1920s, who didn't want to be Valentino's neighbor?  Whitley Heights was the place to be.  Barbara's life was short and tumultuous, and it couldn't possibly even begin to be covered in one post.  Today is just about her amazing Whitley Heights home up for grabs at roughly 1.6 million dollars.

Whitley Heights is full of classic film star homes and stories.  Thankfully, the neighborhood is zoned for historic preservation, so the large number of classic film star homes that still exist are now protected.  And La Marr's is definitely one worth preserving.  

Practically, the home is a great buy today, having many amenities that are difficult to find in classic homes in Hollywood.  Built in 1920, it features a two car garage, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a lovely terrace and backyard, and a separate, tiny, adorable two-story structure in the backyard (home office, anyone?).

Barbara was only in the house for a short time.  She acquired the home in 1923, but by 1925 health problems had forced Barbara to relocate.  However, she held on to beloved home, and it remained in her possession until her death in 1926.  By all accounts it seems to have been an oasis where she experienced brief but precious periods of peace amidst the whirlwind that was her life.  When you cross the threshold in real life, it definitely feels that way.  

To see La Marr's home in 2018, view the gallery below.  To read more about Barbara La Marr, visit www.barbaralamarr.net