I Love Lucy (and her cute bungalow)

Lucille Ball got a golden ticket to Hollywood after a successful modeling career and an unsuccessful first attempt at dramatic acting in New York.  After a brief stint in an apartment on Formosa, she rented a little bungalow in West Hollywood, and remained there until her famous marriage to Desi Arnaz.

Lucille Ball Bungalow

The home is still there, well-maintained on a quiet residential street...you can imagine Lucy hopping on her bike and pedaling off to RKO as a contract player, long before she became loved by millions.

After the advent of her hit TV show and long after she'd moved on to her ranch with Desi and her children, the activities at this little home once more became the center of her life for a brief time...charges were brought against her as a communist during the McCarthy-era witch hunt that ruined many Hollywood careers.

Lucy's grandfather had held political meetings in the garage behind this little house, and even pled with Lucy and her family to register to vote under the communist party for him.  Depression and an unfair trail that cost her grandfather his life savings and home had made him distrustful of the government.  Lucy responded honestly to the charges, telling the FBI that she was much too exhausted to attend any meetings her grandfather held in her garage during her days as a starlet, starting early and working late into the night.  Although she had registered under the communist party once at her grandfather's pleading, she'd done it to avoid upsetting him and never actually voted communist.

America DID love Lucy, and after a live broadcast in which she directly addressed her audience regarding the accusations, the charges were dropped, and she became one of Hollywood's first stars to survive a "red scare" unscathed.

Except for this, Lucy was always fond of this little house where she was first able to make her own way in Hollywood and support her family, and Lucy fans will be glad to know its still as well cared for today as when it was occupied by America's favorite comedienne.